Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The House
  • How old is the house?

    The house was built in 1880 and its original use was likely that of a stage coach stop with many rooms for overnight accommodations.

  • Events
  • How many people can attend an event?

    Maximum Capacity for the property is 200, including vendors who attend.

  • What are the hours of operation?

    Your basic facility fee includes exclusive use of the premises for the entire day of your event, as well as a rehearsal time for weddings if desired. Events should not begin before noon; setup can begin at 11am. Events should be completed by 10pm, with the premises vacated by 11:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, during the week and on Sundays the event must complete by 9:00PM and premises vacated by 10:00PM.

  • Can we have Amplified Music?

    The short answer is yes. However follow these guideline. Front Garden Area: Amplification is encouraged for the spoken word; vocalists and/or musical instruments are also welcome. Side Courtyard and Rear Garden Area: Disc Jockeys or instrumental groups are welcome to perform in the rear Garden Area provided the client agrees to respect our neighbors by maintaining a reasonable level of volume (approximately 55 decibels – we’ll provide a demonstration of this if desired). Use of our house amplified music system with choice of our music selection or yours is welcome during all hours of operation at no additional charge.

  • What is the policy on alcohol served?

    Alcoholic beverages may be served on the premises. The Wilcox Manor does not hold a liquor license and consequently doesn’t sell alcohol. Our clients may provide alcoholic beverages or arrangements can be made through your caterer. We are also happy to recommend a very personable and professional bartender. We request that alcohol not be served past 9:00 on Friday and Saturday and 8:00 PM on Sunday and weekdays. Additionally, if you wish you may obtain a one day liquor licence from the City of Tustin for a nominal feel.

  • Can I use my own caterer?

    Yes, We have several caterers we’re happy to recommend; however our clients are also welcome to engage the caterer of their choice. We do allow very limited use of the kitchen by caterers with advance notice, however our kitchen is not an approved commercial facility so no actual cooking can be allowed ever. Caterers MUST attend a planning meeting prior to the event, and are required to provide full cleanup for their portion of the event. We can suggest offsite parking for any refrigerated trucks or trucks with loud generators, but we cannot allow these to be parked on Pasadena Avenue.

  • Are there caterers already approved for this location?

    Yes, We have several caterers we’re happy to recommend; The following caterers have gone through the credentialing process with Wilcox Manor and are preferred providers – you may use one of them or another of your own choosing. Remember, If you do use your own they are required to follow very specific rules for this venue (most will understand this aspect) and will need to make a site visit and meet with Lindburgh McPherson

    Anders Catering 949-295-3646
    Collette’s Catering 714-447-9190
    Santa Anita Gardens 626-444-3377
    Zov’s 714-838-8855 Ext. 23

  • Can you tell me about parking for my guests?

    Be ever mindful, the Wilcox Manor is a private home located on a residential street with the unique feature of a double cul de sac, so there is only one way in and out of the street Wilcox Manor is located.. Our aim is to be good neighbors and primary desire is to deliver a safe and memorable experience for you. We provide use of a nearby parking lot and a shuttle for your guests to and from the event. Average time span for this service is 6 hours and this is included in our basic rental fee. This service is provided from 1 hour prior to the event and continues till 1 hour after the event. We will provide maps directing your guests to this area, these must be included in your invitations.

  • Can I bring my own photographer?

    The Wilcox Manor offers a wonderful selection of photographic settings and our clients are welcome to use any of them. We do ask that any furniture or other items that are displaced in the process be returned to their rightful place by the photographer. We are happy to provide recommendations for photographers on request.

  • Is any equipment included in the basic rental fee?

    The basic facilities fee includes Chiavari chairs for your guests and round tables for 10. Additional items such as heaters, umbrellas are also available. Tenting (of the entire rear Garden area) can also be contracted through the Wilcox Manor .for an additional cost All tabletop items (silver ware, glassware and lines) are included in your basic rental fee as well as all service items, such as chafing pans coffee and beverage stations, portable bars, and similar items.

  • I am considering getting married at Wilcox Manor can I just stop by and see the property?

    Absolutely not, the majority of the time, this is the private residence of the owners. A great deal of effort and care are taken to show the property when it is shown to you. We pride ourselves on doing everything to make a great impression the first time. Please also note this property is under 24 hour remotely monitored surveillance, one cannot enter any part of the property and evade filming. Trespassers will be prosecute to the fullest extent allowed by law.

  • I am getting married at Wilcox Manor, am I responsible for set-up and clean-up?

    No, your basic rental fee includes complete set-up and break-down of the event. Your caterer is responsible serving your meal and for clean-up the areas they utilize.

  • Does anyone live at Wilcox Manor?

    This is probably the most frequently asked question, but yes, the owners of this magnificent property really do reside in the home year round.

  • Can I stay at Wilcox Manor?

    No, as much as you might want to continue the fantasy that Wilcox Manor may conjure up long after you event is over, however, the home is not a bed and breakfast.

  • Can my ceremony also be held at Wilcox Manor?

    Yes, depending on your desire, there are a number of locations on the property suitable for the ceremony to occur.

  • Can I rent Wilcox Manor for my reception only?

    Yes, of course, most people have their ceremony elsewhere and then come to Wilcox Manor afterwards for their ceremony. Wilcox Manor is capable of hosting both if you wish.

  • Can I rent Wilcox Manor for a photo shoot only?

    Yes, Wilcox Manor has unlimited possibilities for photographs, pricing for this can be discussed by contacting Lindburgh McPherson directly @ 626.422.5820

  • Can Wilcox Manor hold more than one event in the same day?

    Wilcox Manor is not able to hold more than one event in a day.

  • Can I purchase any of the furniture or objet d'art from inside Wilcox Manor?

    No, the beautiful items contained inside Wilcox Manor are not for sale they are part of the private collection of the Wilcox Manor Trust. However, if you would like to purchase similar items, we are happy to refer you to several reputable antique dealers throughout Souther California.

  • Does Wilcox Manor provide food for an event?

    NO - all food and beverage is the responsibility of your caterer.

  • Does Wilcox Manor provide any wait staff?

    No, your caterer is responsible for providing adequate staff to ensure your event is successful.