Event Guidelines

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Wilcox Manor is a private home located on a residential street.  While we aim to deliver a safe and memorable experience for you and your guests, and want all Wilcox Manor attendees to have a wonderful time, we also try to be good neighbors and maintain the tranquility of the neighborhood in which the property sits.  As such, Wilcox Manor, in accordance with the City of Tustin, observes the following restrictions:

Hours of operation

The basic facility fee includes exclusive use of the premises for the entire day of your event, as well as a rehearsal time for weddings, if desired.  Events may not begin before 10 a.m., though setup can begin at 9 a.m. Events must conclude by 10 p.m. with the premises vacated by 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Events on Sundays and weekdays must conclude by 9 p.m. and the premises vacated by 10 p.m.


Amplification is permitted in the front garden area for spoken word performers. Vocalists and/or musical instruments are also welcome

In the side courtyard and rear garden areas, disc jockeys (DJs) or instrumental groups are welcome to perform as long as a reasonable volume level (approximately 55 decibels) is maintained. Use of Wilcox Manor’s house amplified music system is welcome during all hours of operation at no additional charge.


Alcoholic beverages may be served on the premises, though Wilcox Manor does not hold a liquor license and does not sell alcohol.  Clients may provide their own alcoholic beverages.  Arrangements also can be made through caterers, and Wilcox Manor can recommend a very personable and professional bartender. Alcohol may not be served after 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and after 8 p.m. on Sundays and weekdays.


Wilcox Manor can provide an assortment of catering recommendations, though clients are welcome to select their own.  Limited use by caterers of the Wilcox Manor kitchen is permitted with advance notice.  However, the property’s kitchen is not an approved commercial facility.

Wilcox Manor does not provide any wait staff or food, which is the responsibility of the caterer.  All caterers MUST attend a planning meeting prior to the eventand are required to provide full cleanup for their portion of the event. Wilcox Manor can recommend offsite parking for catering trucks, which are not permitted to park on Pasadena Avenue.


Wilcox Manor provides for use of a nearby parking lot and a shuttle for guests to and from your event.  In most instances, the shuttle service is available from one hour prior to the event until one hour after the event and is included in our basic rental fee. Maps directing guests to the parking area are provided by Wilcox Manor to be included in all invitations.

Coordination services

A Wilcox Manor reception coordinator – available for the duration of all events – is included in the basic rental fee.  This includes two planning meetings (if necessary) with our coordinator and any others who clients want present.  The coordinator also is available to run rehearsals and be onsite the day of the event.


Wilcox Manor offers many visually stunning settings and is happy to provide recommendations for photographers on request.  Any furniture or other items that are displaced during photography must returned by the photographer.


The basic Wilcox Manor rental fee includes Chiavari chairs for guests and round tables to accommodate 10.   All tabletop items (silverware, glassware and linens) and service items (chafing pans, coffee and beverage stations, portable bars, etc.) also are included in the basic rental fee. Tenting (of the entire rear garden area) is available for an additional cost.


Wilcox Manor is committed to ensuring the best possible event for all clients.  However, the property will not be held responsible for acts of God, vendor issuesor any other circumstance beyond its control. Wilcox Manor does provide supervision of the guest parking lot, but is not responsible for any theft or damage, which may occur.

Wilcox Manor reserves the right to present a final bill after the conclusion of anevent in which severe damage to the property or its contents has occurred.